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About Us

Welcome to the Center for Teaching & Learning

In September 2009, Windward unveiled its Center for Teaching & Learning, a three-story complex that serves as Windward’s gathering place for 21st century research, writing, new media production, and scholarship across the disciplines. By creating learning environments that promote active learning, critical thinking, and collaborative learning, the CTL enriches the learning and teaching at Windward, and provides a locus for conversations within the Windward community and with our university partners. The CTL is dedicated to excellence and innovation in education.

Not so long ago, a school library was most likely a one-room schoolhouse with books piled on dusty shelves, a librarian shushing children as they scratched pencils across paper. Today’s libraries are a far cry from the small-room model. Students do not merely book-learn these days. They have multiple learning styles, process knowledge in different ways, and accept technology in ways we never dreamed. Today’s library must keep pace with those advances.

The Windward Center for Teaching & Learning does not aim to replace the old library but seeks to retain the best of a traditional library and integrate it with new technologies and understandings of learning styles. The CTL is at the forefront of education innovation for teachers and students, and prepares our students for rigorous university study, and helps produce people who embody the School’s philosophy of being well informed, ethical, and prepared.

  • What We Do

    We provide a supportive environment for faculty and students who invest their time in scholarship and learning. By bringing together the collective talents of faculty, library staff, information and instructional technology professionals, and other school resources, the CTL supports research and classroom instruction throughout campus.

  • See the Space

    Tour the beautiful three-story building that houses creative projects and inquiry-based learning.