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Saving Files on CTL Computers

When creating and editing files at school, ALWAYS save your work in one of the two places:

  1. On a personal flash drive or USB.
  2. To the Student Share Network drive.

If you save your work anywhere else, it will be deleted anytime the computer shuts down and restarts.

To save your work to Student Share, follow these steps:

  1. Click "Save As" in whatever program you are using.
  2.  On the left hand side, scroll down until you find Computer. Select either Student Share drive.


3. You may create a folder for yourself if you choose. Then click "Save."


Finding books in the CTL

Search for books on the Windward Library Catalog.

You can search by book title, author, subject, or keyword.

If you are looking for The Hunger Games, select Title.

If you are looking for books by Suzanne Collins, select Author.

If you are looking for books about Survival, select Keyword or Subject.