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The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is a dynamic space that brings together the Windward community to exchange ideas, learn together, and grow. Through the collective talents of faculty and administrators who are teachers, librarians, curriculum specialists, and instructional technology professionals, the CTL enriches teaching, learning, and thinking at Windward.

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Box.net - 50GB of Free storage for life

That is the claim made by the Box.net service: For the next 50 days they are giving 50GB of storage to anyone who signs up for a free account and downloads/logs in with the IOS app:


Box is clearly trying to tap the iPad and iPhone 4S wave, but you don't have to own one of these devices to get a 50GB account.  You only need to log in on an IOS device once to qualify for the space - Android users can borrow a friend's iPhone or iPad and login one time with their account.

The downside?  Their equivalent to the Dropbox fantastic file sync software is only available to the for-pay accounts.  The free account is still useful through the web interface.

The upside? Who couldn't use 50GB of access-anywhere storage?


Search for Meaning: the $7 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Dilemma

Is a seven dollar peanut butter and jelly sandwich ethically acceptable? In a local excursion to the Curious Palate in Los Angeles, Tony de los Reyes and the seniors in the Search for Meaning class debate whether the exalted humble food is divine or overly-luxurious. Additionally, they explain the unconventional nature of the class and how it has impacted their view of their own education. Watch this 5 minute video to get a window into a class that both the students and Tony describe as "beyond education."



Search for Meaning: Food, Cooking and Poetry

Search for Meaning was designed as the class that I SHOULD have had as a senior in high school; an antidote to the occasional brain-numbing overload of barely relevant information that encompasses too much of education. Concepts of fear, desire, materialism, joy and like-wise "big" topics are framed in discussions and exercises that hope to capture the enthusiasm and intelligence of Windward students. On the recent unit regarding food, students were introduced to the following quotes: "Worthless people live only to eat and drink; people of worth eat and drink only to live." - Socrates “How can a nation be called great if its bread tastes like kleenex?” - Julia Child

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The promise of electronic textbooks

Imagine an electronic textbook that lets you rearrange the table of contents to suit the order in which you plan to teach the topics.  Now you annotate and add comments to the sections and once you make those changes, they flow automatically to the student editions.  Each module also has a question set that collects and grades answers electronically and a test builder with over 2,000 questions that lets you print or deliver the test electronically.  And yes, there are plenty of links to vetted web resources, videos and even automatically generated study cards based on student highlights.

Nature Education is delivering just such an interactive textbook with Principles of Biology:



Reviewing in 7th Grade Science

Geraldine Loveless' seventh grade science students use concept maps they created in groups to review for a test on life and cells: