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The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is a dynamic space that brings together the Windward community to exchange ideas, learn together, and grow. Through the collective talents of faculty and administrators who are teachers, librarians, curriculum specialists, and instructional technology professionals, the CTL enriches teaching, learning, and thinking at Windward.

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(MCI) APPitic

For folks using iPads, APPitic is a great site that houses a directory of apps tested and reviewed by Apple Distinguished Educators and includes some major groupings by theme, or with a focus on multiple intelligences or Blooms Taxonomy.

Well worth a visit!


9th Grade History Students Study for a Test

The CTL is a popular place to study with a group of friends. Many students take advantage of the study rooms to work through ideas and learn together.

In this video, a group of 9th grade students take advantage of the CTL study rooms to study for an upcoming history test in Rob Latimer's class.



Working on Research for Ryan Staude's Senior Seminar

Seniors in Ryan Staude's 20th Century American History Seminar are just beginning to narrow down their topics and do some preliminary explorations for their culminating research papers.  Kyra, pictured here, is considering writing about fringe cults in the 1960s or the rise of neo-evangelicalism, and Erica is interested in examining the rise of marketing to young people.  Another senior, Katie, who was seated nearby, is looking at either the changes within murder investigations, including the use of DNA, or The Innocence Project, whereas Jordan will delve into the evolution of the idea of movie stardom.  We wish them much success in their researching endeavors!


Interesting blog posting on course "delivery" vs engagement


Middle School Science Presents at CSTA Conference in Pasadena

Over the weekend, hundreds of California educators gathered at the California Science Teachers Association 2011 Convention in Pasadena.  Conference participants attended workshops, short courses, presentations, speeches, and exhibitions during the 3-day conference.  Among the attendees were Glen Chung, a new lab technician at Windward, and 7th and 8th grade science teachers Shelley Riedel and Geraldine Loveless.  Geraldine and Shelley also offered a workshop for roughly 20-25 participants, entitled "A Data-Driven and Student-Centered approach to Plate Tectonics."  During the workshop, Shelley and Geraldine described the student learning activities of our 8th grade science students at Windward during the Plate Tectonics Unit.  Workshop participants engaged in one of the collaborative activities exploring the seismic, volcanic, geographic, and geochronological data at and near plate boundaries, and drew conclusions about plate movement and plate interactions.  Teaching and learning resources for the unit were also made available to participants through the CSTA conference website.