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The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is a dynamic space that brings together the Windward community to exchange ideas, learn together, and grow. Through the collective talents of faculty and administrators who are teachers, librarians, curriculum specialists, and instructional technology professionals, the CTL enriches teaching, learning, and thinking at Windward.

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Windward Music Festival Sneak Preview


Students Make Music Out Of Thin Air


Imagine being able to play an instrument just by moving your body, but never actually touching the instrument itself. No, this is not the latest Wii or Playstation game. This technology dates back to the 1920s when it was created by Russian native Léon Theremin thanks to governement-funded research for proximity sensors.

Recently In Daphna Lapidot’s Media Arts Class, musician and composer Irwin Levitz introduced the Theremin to Windward students. This electronic musical instrument is played without being touched. Instead, the musician uses one hand to control volume and the other hand to control frequency. Levitz discussed how he uses the Theremin to compose and create music, taking advantage of the eerie, sci-fi sound of the instrument that is famous for it’s use in the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Levitz visited the Media Arts classes, which focus on sound and animation, to discuss his work as a composer. In addition to introducing and letting students try out the Theremin, he talked about Garage Band, how to find the meter of students’ favorite songs, and as a composer, how musicians and filmmakers can best communicate their vision by being descriptive about their needs.

Learn more about guest Irwin Levitz at his website, http://www.irwinmusic.com/

To hear the music from The Day the Earth Stood Still, check out the studio session here,

See Léon Theremin’s demonstration of his own instrument here,