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Windward 3D Prints at Cambridge Science Festival

Every year the city of Cambridge, MA puts on a big Science Festival during the week after the Boston Marathon. The whole city puts on cool exhibits, lectures and demonstrations showcasing interesting science. Here’s a picture of Rich and our Bukito 3D printer under one of the banners in the streets along Massachusetts Avenue (the street that runs through MIT and Harvard):



This year, Windward had an exhibit as part of the Festival. We were given a spot April 22nd at the MIT Museum to display our 3D printed coral project (as described earlier at We had a table right in the main exhibit hall. There was a lot of interest and often a line of people waiting to get in.



We had a steady stream of visitors excited to hear about the possibility of using 3D printed coral in aquariums to help avoid cutting so much away from coral reefs. We shared an exhibit area with different oceanic researchers from institutions like MIT and Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.


The festival let us meet some new people, forge some relationships for future ocean science projects here at Windward and gave us some more great ideas for projects.

Got a project you would like to try out with 3D printing, robots, sensors or other technology? Joan and Rich are both at Windward on Wednesdays and Joan is here one other day a week. Drop by room 425 to see what's possible.


-Joan Horvath is a recovering rocket scientist, and Rich “Whosawhatsis” Cameron is a 3D printing and electronics hacker. Together they have founded Nonscriptum LLC, a consultancy to help educators and scientists use low-cost prototyping technologies. Their new book, “The New Shop Class: Getting Started with 3D Printing, Arduino, and Wearable Tech,” is being released by Apress on May 13:



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