What We Do

We provide a supportive environment for faculty and students who are investing their time in scholarship and learning. By bringing together the collective talents of faculty, library staff, information and instructional technology professionals, and other school resources, the CTL supports research and classroom instruction throughout campus.

Who We Are

Meet the people who make it all happen in the CTL.

Curriculum Development

The Center for Teaching & Learning works with Windward faculty to create innovative, collaborative, cross-disciplinary projects.

Campus-Wide Initiatives

The CTL leads, coordinates, and helps to form interdisciplinary, professional learning groups to engage in research and act as "policy advocates" (in the sense that they develop initiatives to further Windward's mission to have "A dynamic education.  A nurturing community.").

Active Partnerships with Local Non-Profits and Higher Ed

The CTL collaborates with experts in a variety of fields to facilitate the exchange of ideas and new educational technologies.

Technology Support

Windward uses technology in many spaces and ways, not just the old fashioned "computer lab."

Research Support

Students benefit from the expertise of our librarians in information literacy, as well as our subscriptions to online databases and partnerships with other libraries to increase the scope of our collections.




See the Space

Tour the beautiful three-story building that houses creative projects and inquiry-based learning.